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- Synthetic Winch Rope (UHMWPE) -

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GST Not Included
5 Metre Minimum Order
Orange rope as standard
Synthetic Winch Rope (UHMWPE) is manufactured in China rather than Holland. The Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene structure has an extremely high tensile strength, is very light weight and has very little stretch under tension. The urethane coating on this rope is not the same quality as what is on the genuine dyneema®.

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Additional Information

Rope Specifications
Diameter Breaking Strength kg weight kg per meter Melting Temperature Elongation at Break Specific Gravity
3mm 1,200 0.009 150° C 6% 0.97
4mm 1,800 0.011 150° C 6% 0.97
5mm 2,500 0.016 150° C 6% 0.97
6mm 3,600 0.023 150° C 6% 0.97
8mm 6,200 0.038 150° C 6% 0.97
10mm 9,600 0.06 150° C 6% 0.97
12mm 13,600 0.081 150° C 6% 0.97

Sensitive to:
Strong oxidising agents, chlorosulfuric and nitric acids at high temperatures. Slightly affected by sodium hydroxide.

Resistant to:
Most acids and alkalis, cold alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones and bleaches.