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Rope Splicing

rope splicing


At Melbourne Rope, we offer additional rope splicing options with our online range. A splice is a simple and effective way of adding a loop to the end of your rope. This practical addition will make your rope more user friendly – ropes with splices are perfect for winching, pulling, mooring, and more. With our custom splicing options, you can increase the durability and strength of your rope.

Whilst tying a knot in your rope might seem like an immediate fix, the long-term benefits of professional splicing are clear. An eye splice will last longer than even the best-tied knot, especially when coupled with a stainless fitting. Most knots will halve the strength of your rope where eye splices can help you utilise your rope’s entire strength.

Advantages of Rope Splicing

• High strength connection
• Permanent loop
• Reduced strength decay
• Dynamic usage options
• Reduced stress on rope
• Rope strength retention

Why should I choose a Melbourne Rope Splice?

We have a number of custom splice solutions that are designed to complement each unique rope. Our online range includes specially designed splices that have been developed with regards to the material and quantity of each rope. You can choose the rope you need from our extensive range of online products or contact us for more advice.

At Melbourne Rope, we only stock high-quality local and international brands. We search far and wide to bring you a collection of superior products with varying uses and cost. You can find the rope you need and the most suitable splice with our Melbourne Rope team.

Melbourne Rope splices are created by our professional team members. With years of experience in the industry, our team members can create a sturdy splice using the appropriate tools and techniques. Ensure your loop is created properly - leave the rope splicing to us.

Our Splice Range

We offer stainless eye splices and soft eye splices with the following range of rope:

• 3 strand ropes
• Double braid ropes
• 12 strand Dyneema®
• UHMWPE rope
• Spectra rope

Take a look our rope splicing options below and purchase a custom splice your rope. Our professional team will use the correct tools and techniques to manufacture a lasting loop for your rope.

To add a custom rope splice to your order, click the blue button when you are getting your online quote. 


Other Products:

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A stainless eye splice

Used where the point of attachment will suffer significant ware and friction over a prolonged period of time (Fixed size eye). Stainless splices are ideal for those with a specific task in mind. Whilst the stainless option is less versatile, it is stronger and ensures the durability of your splice. You can protect your connection and prevent fraying/general wear and tear with the stainless cap. 

Soft eye splice

The more versatile splice, soft eye splices are used more often because they allow the splice to be placed over a broad range of shapes and sizes. (Please specify the size of the eye you require in the comments section when you make purchase. If you do not have a preference, the eye size will be between 150 - 300mm depending on rope diameter)


The different types of rope we can splice:

3 Strand Ropes

3 strand soft eye splice
(PE/PP, Sisal, Polyester, Nylon)

$15 + the cost of rope used in the splice.
3 strand stainless eye splice
(PE/PP, Sisal, Polyester, Nylon)

$20. Cost increases with increased cost of larger thimble.

Double Braid Ropes

Double braid eye splice
(6mm and above)

$25 + the cost of the rope used in the splice
Double braid stainless eye splice
(6mm and above)

$35 + the cost of the rope used in the splice

12 Strand Dyneema® & UHMWPE Rope

Dyneema®eye splice

$45 + the cost of the rope used in the splice
Dyneema® stainless eye splice
(heavy gauge pipe thimble)

$55 + the cost of the rope used in the splice
Spectra eye splice
(6mm and above)

$60 + the cost of the rope used in the splice
Spectra stainless eye splice
(6mm and above) (heavy gauge pipe thimble)

$70 + the cost of the rope used in the splice