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- Playground Rope -

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GST Not Included
1 Metre Minimum Order

Technical Specifications

We sell genuine polyester/steel cable combination playground rope from this page. Our playground rope is made using a fibre rope core, surrounded by 6 strands of polyester fiber in a twisted configuration covering 8 wire rope strands (8X6+FC). This configuration which uses a fibre core is more malleable and pliable than the wire core alternative, but still maintained a 3080kg breaking strength.
We sell 16mm playground rope by the meter or in 500m coils. We can also hydraulically swage your rope to form an eye splice in one or both ends to your specifications, including adding eye bolts onto the rope reducing the chance of vandalism or theft.

Rope Properties

This rope is relatively soft and malleable compared to other alternatives but is still strong and very low stretch. The polyester covering is UV stabilised and will remain soft even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The 8 strand galvanised steel cable wires will resist corrosion and rusting are what provides the strength in the rope. The steel cable also prevents the playground rope from stretching.

Eye splice

We have the technical skills and equipment necessary to perform professional hydraulic swaging with up to 100 Tonnes of pressure. This type of eye splice gives you a permanent attachment point while maintaining the ropes strength. Our technicians will also smooth of any sharp edges as part of our service giving you a professional product ready for installation.

Cross connectors and T connectors

For more information about playground rope and for the related cross connectors and T pieces please see our partner website Parks and Playgrounds. Parks and Playgrounds may also be able to help you with installation or other landscape works in the Melbourne metro region.

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Playground Nets

For information and pricing about playground nets please contact our playground net supplier Billabong Playgrounds by clicking the link below.

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Playground Net Manufacturer

Shipping to: Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane - Perth - Adelaide - Hobart

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
Diameter Breaking
at break
per Meter
16mm 3100 kg 250° C 6% 0.31 kg
18mm 3800 kg 250° C 6% 0.39 kg
20mm 4600 kg 250° C 6% 0.48 kg
22mm 5800 kg 250° C 6% 0.58 kg

Sensitive to:
Alkalis, Phenolic compounds, Sulfuric acid.

Resistant to:
Most organic and mineral acids, organic solvents, bleaches, oxidizing agents, UV, chafe.