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- Dyneema SK75 -

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Dyneema Rope Splicing

Our Dyneema SK75 is manufactured from genuine Dutch made Dyneema fibres. Do not confuse this with the Chinese made UHMWPE winch rope that many other companies try to pass off as genuine Dyneema. Our Dyneema is manufactured with the highest quality urethane coating giving it much better abrasion resistance than many other UHMWPE ropes on the market. We source our rope internationally to ensure you have access to the strongest and best product available. At Melbourne Rope & Splicing, we do not compromise on quality. You can choose a custom Dyneema rope splicing option for your rope, including hard and soft eye splices. 

We can supply compliance certificates on request, or DNV certificates for the cost price fee of $400US.

We sell Dyneema SK75 from 3mm right up to 100mm and above. Dyneema is a very high strength, low stretch rope. It floats on water and is a much safer option than steel cable.The rope is made up of fibres that are resistant to tension and bending fatigue, and it is also equipped with UV stability. It is at least ten times stronger than a steel cable (of equivalent weight) and is perfect for winching and moving heavy machinery. Dyneema rope is compact and much lighter than the alternatives with similar strength and capabilities. 

Common Dyneema Uses

With Dyneema rope splicing you can complete a number of activities. Dyneema rope is strong and very low stretch. Its unique qualities make it a popular rope in the maritime, heavy lifting, and lifestyle industries. You might have a specific use in mind for your rope – it is commonly used for the following activities:

4X4 winch rope
Steel cable replacement rope
Cable pulling rope

Purchase your rope today and customise your order. You can specify the diameter, length, and splice. See the table below for the breaking strain and weight of the rope per 100m. 

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The way you choose to customise your rope will depend on your specific usage requirements. If you are unsure which material or accessory is right for you, please contact us. We can answer any questions you may have about Dyneema rope & Dyneema rope splicing or provide you with a quote for your chosen product and specifications. Once you have a quote you can use the pay quote button to fulfil a pre-quoted order. 

Dyneema SK75 has a number of unique qualities. You should be aware of the nature of the material before purchase to ensure you have the right rope for the job. It should be noted that the Dyneema SK75 fibres are sensitive and resistant to the materials located underneath the following table. 

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
at break
per 100m
3 mm 1500 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 0.75 kg
4 mm 2000 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 1.1 kg
5 mm 3100 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 1.7 kg
6 mm 4200 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 2.3 kg
8 mm 6600 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 3.8 kg
10 mm 10700 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 6.1 kg
12 mm 16400 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 9.3 kg


Sensitive to:
Strong oxidising agents, chlorosulfuric and nitric acids at high temperatures. Slightly affected by sodium hydroxide.

Resistant to:
Most acids and alkalis, cold alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones and bleaches.