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- Dyneema SK75 -

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5 Metre Minimum Order

Dyneema Rope - SK75

Buy Dyneema rope online from this page. Dyneema SK75 is made from ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene and is an extremely high-strength, low-stretch rope. Dyneema is stronger than steel cable, floats on water and is extremely resistant to abrasion. It is commonly used to replace steel cable when weight is an issue. It also makes an excellent material for winch cables.

The Dyneema rope that we sell is genuine dyneema SK75 made using yarn made in Holland.

We sell dyneema rope online by the meter and we can splice your rope as required. Simply click the Select Colour & Splicing button above to see the available options that we offer for splicing dyneema. If you'd like to view more information about rope splicing including the advantages of splicing dyneema, take a look at our splicing information page.

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Additional Information

Rope Specifications
at break
per 100m
3 mm 1500 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 0.75 kg
4 mm 2000 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 1.1 kg
5 mm 3100 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 1.7 kg
6 mm 4200 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 2.3 kg
8 mm 6600 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 3.8 kg
10 mm 10700 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 6.1 kg
12 mm 16400 kg 0.97 152° C 3% 9.3 kg


Sensitive to:
Strong oxidising agents, chlorosulfuric and nitric acids at high temperatures. Slightly affected by sodium hydroxide.

Resistant to:
Most acids and alkalis, cold alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones and bleaches.