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- Double Braid Polyester - Yachting Rope -

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5 Metre Minimum Order

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GST Not Included
5 Metre Minimum Order
White Fleck rope as standard
Buy high quality Australian made double braid yachting rope here. This rope is designed for use in tough marine conditions. It has an outer polyester cover designed to protect the core where most the strength comes from. Double braid polyester rope has outstanding shock absorbing capabilities and is very soft on your hands.

We sell our double braid yacht rope by the meter and can custom splice your rope as required. It also comes in a range of different colours.

Or for more information about Polyester Main Sheets and Polyester Jib Sheets please follow the relevant link

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What Our Customers Use Double Braid Polyester - Yachting Rope For

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
at break
6 mm 770 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
8 mm 1750 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
10 mm 2400 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
12 mm 3400 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
16 mm 5400 kg 1.38 255° C 35%
18 mm 6000 kg 1.38 255° C 35%

Sensitive to:
Alkalis, Phenolic compounds, Sulfuric acid.

Resistant to:
Most organic and mineral acids, organic solvents, bleaches, oxidizing agents, UV, chafe.