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- Sisal Rope -

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GST Not Included
30 Metre Minimum Order
Sisal is a natural fiber rope made from the fiber of the Agave plant. This rope is mostly used as ornamental rope in Landscaping application or visual merchandising. However it is still a very strong rope and more than enough to be used as a swing or other application where the rope will be placed under a load.

Partner Website:
For more information about sisal rope, and for larger diameters 80mm and above please see our partner website Billabong Playgrounds. Billabong Playgrounds may also be able to help you with Rope Installations.

What Our Customers Use Sisal Rope For

Additional Information

Rope Specifications
Diameter Breaking
at break
6 mm 230 kg 1.5 150° C 9%
12 mm 840 kg 1.5 150° C 9%
24 mm 3590 kg 1.5 150° C 9%

Sensitive to:
Mineral acids, weak or strong paints, detergents, chemical salts, fats, weathering and sunlight

Resistant to:
Volatile petroleum solvents, batching oils, alkalis.